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Michael Asquith
I remember Actua Soccer 3 having Raging Bull's theme in its opening credits, and it showed my favourite, and hometown club, Barnsley F.C. getting relegated from The Premiership, at the end of 1997- 1998 season, that part of the opening credits made me cry, after losing 1-0 away to Leicester City F.C., at their old ground, Filbert Street.
Comment from : Michael Asquith

rowland fucking biscuits
Tearful shottys on sex hill. Thinkin of ex bewers on this fatal hour
Comment from : rowland fucking biscuits

moha said
Extraordinary opening
Comment from : moha said

Johnny Boy
Question: Has there ever been a better movie intro
Answer: No and there never will be.

Comment from : Johnny Boy

Adam Chirico
This isn't much of a trailer to make me want to watch this..
Comment from : Adam Chirico

David Moreno
Goose bumps everytime...a finest touch in the soul.
Comment from : David Moreno

This opening shot has more heart and story than 99.9% of the full feature movies coming out nowadays
Comment from : Luke

Giuseppe Giuseppe
No Oscar for this soundtrack...
Comment from : Giuseppe Giuseppe

I watched it because it came out I recommend it but this is the first video I saw so spectacular
Comment from : 伊東堂COOKING

Froy 2001
One of the very best films of the 80s, if not #1
Comment from : Froy 2001

Matt Clayer
R.I.P Jake Lamotta.
Comment from : Matt Clayer

GreekAdonis NM
Loved this f.... movie. "where you going" "what are you a cop"
Comment from : GreekAdonis NM

Harrison Clark
Scorsese's greatest film
Comment from : Harrison Clark

Matt Clayer
Martin Scorseses masterpierce, hands down!
Comment from : Matt Clayer

Matt Chamberlain
I could watch this all day
Comment from : Matt Chamberlain

Aaron Putnam
Awesome score great movie afi top 100
Comment from : Aaron Putnam

Raga Bello
Che meraviglia
Comment from : Raga Bello

Tony Innusa
music please?
Comment from : Tony Innusa

Matt MacGillivray
beautiful, best opening sequence of any
movie I've ever seen

Comment from : Matt MacGillivray

so beautiful!! I wanna walk down the aisle to my wedding to this!
Comment from : exoticblueeyes

Pérez Kana
Comment from : Pérez Kana

Connor Clarke
SOmething about this film and that score. So much behind it.
Comment from : Connor Clarke

J J Townley Sometime-composer of Piano Concertos
I always thought that Sorsese had cornered the market on using Mascagni's Intermezzo in films with this opening. Francis Ford Coppola was taking a mighty big gamble in choosing to use it as well to close Godfather III because everybody naturally would have immediately recalled Raging Bull. Nevertheless, both sequences are great, given the power of the music itself.
Comment from : J J Townley Sometime-composer of Piano Concertos

nathan meza
I watched this last night, and I knew from the second this scene opened I would fall in love with this film, and I did.
Comment from : nathan meza

Fernando Reyes
LA Critics Circle - Best Picture 
NY Times - Best Picture
Time Magazine - Best Picture
AFI - Best Picture
... the list goes on and on

Comment from : Fernando Reyes

i get teary
Comment from : SlowJoman

jay tee
I love this film and this opening sequence. This opening reminds people of the great lightweight champion Rocky Kansas. This is what his life was like. Many people get emotional talking about Rocky. Some cant speak at all.

Jake Lamotta was honoured to have a "Rocky Kansas" opening to the film about his life.

Comment from : jay tee

Eanna Cusack
My favourite film of all time
Comment from : Eanna Cusack

Axel Falkenstrom
one of the finest opening credit sequences in movie history 
Comment from : Axel Falkenstrom

Stevey Boy Doolan
Quite possibly the greatest opening credits ever committed to celluloid, from the greatest film ever made - the perfect marriage of image & sound.  Flawless in every department. Is it called 'Intermezzo from Cavillera Rusticana' by Mascagne?  
Comment from : Stevey Boy Doolan

still one of my all time favourites<<<
Comment from : suzukinez

martin Dickson
Cavalleria rusticana
Comment from : martin Dickson

DrugO Lebowski
"No matter what you do,no matter how good you are,there's always Martin Scorsese." (Brian De Palma)
Comment from : DrugO Lebowski

Absolutely brilliant
Comment from : VQJownsyou

isa oza
Comment from : isa oza

Little Miss Duck
A wonderful contrast between the music and the imminent violence of the sport... Great movie.
Comment from : Little Miss Duck

Martin Scorsese is a great director, his films are amazing.
Comment from : Raizoku

Max Cherry
These opening credits alone are better than most movies.
Comment from : Max Cherry

Martin Hickman
Interesting to hear that. If you watch the film and think about it afterwards, you'll find it was a deeply tragic story about a man who used violence every time he had a problem. Really an effective and subversive story about the flaws of the hyper-masculine male.
Comment from : Martin Hickman

Martin Hickman
One of the finest films made. Even if you don't like it you have to admit that. It also did a lot to further the mystique of Italian-Americans.
Comment from : Martin Hickman

Eric Theler
Saw this so long ago at a midnight showing with a tatooed feminist friend who cried at the end and said "That is oneof the greatest works of art of any genre I've ever experienced".
Comment from : Eric Theler

Good music choice by Scorsese, with another song the movie would be worse.
Comment from : OneHundredPoints

Nik M
They don't make films like this anymore
Comment from : Nik M

I feel the same
Comment from : TheAkaMarb

"I'm gonna win. There's no way I'm goin' down. I don't go down for nobody."
Comment from : Yanagi_tfoa

Max Cherry
Wow, how good is that. Jesus, that's great stuff. Scorsese...
Comment from : Max Cherry

I thought the Godfather was the best movie ever till I saw this movie. It still makes me shed a year every time I watch it and I'm a 26 year old guy.
Comment from : SN2903

Yoko Ono
Comment from : Yoko Ono

Pietro Mascagni-Intermezzo
Comment from : Tron1992

Ida N
Can someone please tell me the name of the music?
Comment from : Ida N

Sorry to be short, but simply the best intro to a film I ever saw. Back in 1980 I was 15, saw this and was transfixed from second one. And then got to enjoy the best Scorcese/DeNiro film ever (Mean Streets a very very close second) Brilliant
Comment from : brendanECS

Comment from : spamstoper3

Rasmus Thygesen
You just said the reason for why I am a boxer.
Comment from : Rasmus Thygesen

Allan Gildea
Breathtaking mastery of cinema - one locked off shot, no dialogue, no editing and yet Scorsese gives us the essence of a man's life.
Comment from : Allan Gildea

Juan Fumero
The bloody special effects in some of the boxing scenes are just terrible. I think if you're punched hard enough that blood splatters on the entire front row of the audience you'd probably be dead.
Comment from : Juan Fumero

Precisely. Even his in-ring fights were ruled by his inner fights. He was upset with himself? He got pummeled on purpose. The movie is in black and white, yet the montage is in colour. I could be reading too far into it, but it seems like that's how Jake sees the world. It's either this or that: Right or wrong, love or hate, etc. His happiest moments were full of colour and even those were taken over by his fights. Scorsese made this movie thinking it'd be his last. Thank fuck it isn't.
Comment from : RipperRoo

Alex Boardman
That's the exact same analysis i came up with when i used this scene for my college assignment.
Comment from : Alex Boardman

Alex Boardman
Comment from : Alex Boardman

Fuckin' Scorsese.
Comment from : funkapotamus86

actually Brian de Palma was making blow out.
Comment from : dramce

Scorsese is Cinema! he is like Picasso for painting or Beethoven for music. he is the master in filmmaking
Comment from : NFCL

Matthew Zagami
great insperational movie!
Comment from : Matthew Zagami

billybob thornton
You should write for a living friend,Ya nailed it.
Comment from : billybob thornton

what's yur problem?
Comment from : ivme

billybob thornton
Wow cool story man thanks for sharing.
Comment from : billybob thornton

Mark Wright
I can't believe they're making a remake of this movie with Ashton Kutcher||
Comment from : Mark Wright

Mon Ertov Reifidom
Who made that sequence ? Scorsese himself I guess. On Goodfellas and Casino, it was the great Saul Bass.
Comment from : Mon Ertov Reifidom

De Palma and Scorsese ftw.
Comment from : segano1

Tom Sawyer
"you are falled in love"? really? I mean really?
Comment from : Tom Sawyer

Bijinius Cross
Thanks, quentin tarantino
Comment from : Bijinius Cross

Comment from : beeextremist

So beautiful
Comment from : exoticblueeyes

Love this one. Thank you!
Comment from : InnuMaccaband

Eddie Gorilla
The black & white of the film, immortalized Deniro... Opening is worth clapping at the theater...
Comment from : Eddie Gorilla

Fernando Reyes
de Palma is washed up
Comment from : Fernando Reyes

leo batista mattei
pietro mascagni, an italian like me :)
Comment from : leo batista mattei

When i listen to This it makes me cry everytime i tgink about my grandfather i never speaked to him but i see it from his face that hes nice R.I.P granpa..
Comment from : jrtyds

Andrew Colpeliro
Questa si chiama grandezza. That's magnificence.
Comment from : Andrew Colpeliro

'Joey - Joe Pesci' Bet that was a stretch to learn.
Comment from : thebossman222

Gabriel Matthys
Yess! I spend my life trying to find out why!
Comment from : Gabriel Matthys

Niles Crane
this intro - the citizen kane intro - the space odyssey intro they are pure magic
Comment from : Niles Crane

Sandro Algra Barradas
Guess that's what he get's for introducing De Niro & Scorsese to each other.
Comment from : Sandro Algra Barradas

Best opening of all time. The music is mind-blowing. :)
Comment from : TinnFroll86

I love this music..its beautiful and makes me cry:)when I get married I want this song when I walk down the isle.
Comment from : exoticblueeyes

Luke Rueckl
Great Comment
Comment from : Luke Rueckl

Iain McManus
i tear up every time. dont judge me, i'm but a man.
Comment from : Iain McManus

That pretty much sums it up. Notice how his body is framed inside the ropes in the foreground for most of the shot.
Comment from : frokenstein

Frank Roscoe
I'm 15 years old, I turn 16 this June. What are the klitshokos? How old are you when you started
Comment from : Frank Roscoe

Just do it, dont let it put you off, i started fighting and i love the klitshkos i want to fight like them. and kinda starting late in life.
Comment from : stokie1999999

This scene really captures the whole point of the story. He's alone in the ring fighting by himself, not against somebody. His life wasn't so much about his fights against his opponents in boxing, but about his inner fights... his struggles with himself, his family, and his life
Comment from : Card54k320

Ryan Walters
Quentin Tarantino was talking about that in a vid, "Quentin Tarantino on Taxi Driver", taken from some Sky Movies thing. how bout that.
Comment from : Ryan Walters

There is no movie that's ever inspired me or impacted my heart to the magnitude that this one has.
Comment from : SuperSaiyan4Broly

Salman Zaki
I love this movie <3
Comment from : Salman Zaki

Frank Roscoe
I wanna join a gym and learn to box. I do not wanna box unless i know i can. The thing is, boxing just looks so different now. You see these boxers with there long tattoos and they have their ghetto/hood look. what happened to this? If I become a boxer, i just wanna say, I wanna be more like Rocky Balboa and fight like Jake Lamotta.
Comment from : Frank Roscoe

Scorsese in his prime.
Comment from : leafyutube

Ibarrabros. Studios
dosent when michel corolane died in the godfather part 3 this song is puted when he died
Comment from : Ibarrabros. Studios

Jon Nott
@elsheilsio260 It's Cavalleria rusticana
Comment from : Jon Nott

@calmcyco he cried because scarface was crap.
Comment from : TheBr4nch

Comment from : lordvoldemort578

Comment from : lordvoldemort578

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