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Alan Frehley
"His fucking cock is bigger than yours too!"
Comment from : Alan Frehley

Chris Surfcrab
My mother grew up right around the corner from The Bull.. I feel bad but I still can't help laughing during that entire scene..
Comment from : Chris Surfcrab

You sucked his cock?lol
Comment from : RICH D

Felix Brown
Don't mess with another man's shinebox.
Comment from : Felix Brown

"You suck his cock"? lmao
Comment from : Louis_07

james madison
Truly one of the best scenes in cinema history.
Comment from : james madison

wallbreaker larry
I will treat my wife in this manner every day
Comment from : wallbreaker larry

Lord Nixon
Damn, he cold-cocked the fuck out of his wife. No doubt about it.
Comment from : Lord Nixon

2:29 MGTOW.
Comment from : MP R

Kyle Lobb
Talk about a loving family
Comment from : Kyle Lobb

John Smith
At last! A real man!
Comment from : John Smith

Catalin Stefan
That's funny!
Comment from : Catalin Stefan

Adam Ohm
Boys will be boys, girls will be girls, and Italians will be Italians.
Comment from : Adam Ohm

Allah je
if u put ur hand once agin in ur plate I'm gonna stab u with this knife
Comment from : Allah je

get the papers get the papers
1:49 when did my father get in this movie
Comment from : get the papers get the papers

This is what happens if you don't keep your hands outta the plate!
Comment from : Ludendorff

Dealt with like a Boss.
Comment from : EccentricWorld

Daniel Burg
she deserves that tho haha
Comment from : Daniel Burg

Vicky Ray
The face made by De Niro at 1:26 hahaha
Pure acting genius!

Comment from : Vicky Ray

justin fleming
Deniro's character in this movie has what is known as an intermittent explosive disorder i can see why this movie is called Raging Bull
Comment from : justin fleming

I'll tell you one thing I bet that kid never put his hands in a plate ever again
Comment from : JL JL

Jimjim Skimmer
Fukin Psychopath. Beat the brother in front of the wife and kids. lol
Comment from : Jimjim Skimmer

I don't think he's acting DeNiro seems like he'd enjoy it, schmuck
Comment from : Frid66

O A.
This acting is so good it really makes me cry... you barely see this nowadays..
Comment from : O A.

13th Step
You fuck my wife?
Comment from : 13th Step

Patryk B
2:29, I've watched it like 20 times now
Comment from : Patryk B

The real Vickey La Motta was hot as hell...she even appeared on Playboy
Comment from : StringTherapy

L.B. Jefferies
don't fuck his wife
Comment from : L.B. Jefferies

Free Reign Network
Leo's act like this they think they're always being cheated on. That's how they ruin their relationships by jumping to conclusions that aren't real.
Comment from : Free Reign Network

1:50, that IS my father when I was a kid. Holy shit.....
Comment from : orkutfinance

joss reus
de niro is god
Comment from : joss reus

Rocco DiMeo
1:50 the good old days of parenting
Comment from : Rocco DiMeo

What movie is this
Comment from : Jimbo69

Solomon solo
"Lemme ask you one question...whyd you fuck joey?.."..lol, classic
Comment from : Solomon solo

did she do it?
Comment from : TonyBaquva

Froy 2001
2:29 The Wolf of Wall Street "Don't you f***ing touch me!"
Comment from : Froy 2001

The idea of Scorsese changing the size of the ring is actually overshadowed by the fighting OUTSIDE of the ring in this movie.
Comment from : Halloween

Eddie Scandura
You know what's even worse? This actually happened
Comment from : Eddie Scandura

Mahmoud Moody
Anybody her know what the name of this blonde wife ???? Plzzz tell me ????
Comment from : Mahmoud Moody

Wulf Nabban Ethell Anglo-Saxon
"you just stand there, that's how you kids treat your uncle? You don't say anything to him? And your Auntie? you kids got no respect, you hear me?!"
Comment from : Wulf Nabban Ethell Anglo-Saxon

jhon doe
0:55 what real men were like before Viagra
Comment from : jhon doe

jhon doe
its ok folks.............they're Italian
Comment from : jhon doe

DJ Anthony
pesci running for his life
Comment from : DJ Anthony

The Nightmare
Lol, those kids at the end are like "holy shit..."
Comment from : The Nightmare

"If you put your fingers in your mouth one more time, I will stab you"
Lol, some father

Comment from : Johnno9989

MC Roy
they dont make movie like this anymore...
Comment from : MC Roy

Dat Ass!
Comment from : clhound

1:17 The way De Niro says 'You sucked his cock?'... LMAO xD
Comment from : metallicarocks911

Tommy Dangerous
this is funny cause its true,if a female cheats on her man then she should get beat 4 it!
Comment from : Tommy Dangerous

Kitty McRatSlayer
The classic DeNiro head stomp at 2:20.  Same way he stomped Billy Bats.
Comment from : Kitty McRatSlayer

Kitty McRatSlayer
"You sucked his COCK?!?!?!"

LOL.  The look of disbelief on DeNiro's face when he says this.  This man is a living legend.

Comment from : Kitty McRatSlayer

Poor little Joe. That motherfucker never touched Robbie's wife in this flick. He fucked his in Casino though
Comment from : herociouz

Heyyy she played on Casper, and Kindergarten Cop.
Comment from : Shon9tilR

DJ Standing Elk
has that same feel to it in Wolf of Wall Street when leo slaps and punches Margot Robbie. Nowhere near as good of a movie but hits the audience similar
Comment from : DJ Standing Elk

Ababmer Vid
Average day for Italian family
Comment from : Ababmer Vid

Nathaniel Levesque
Why was Joey's front door unlocked? Wouldn't it make more sense to keep it locked? In case something like this happened.
Comment from : Nathaniel Levesque

Karl Marx
That punch.
Comment from : Karl Marx

Chaplin Co
*after him really trying to
Comment from : Chaplin Co

Chaplin Co
The movie never tells you for sure. I don't think he did honestly. I saw this movie first time at like 12 and thought it he did but watching it again I don't think he did, nah. I think she never fucked anyone but got close to fucking frank Vincent's character after really trying to and that's why Joey beat him up. But at the end of the day the movie never gets you a straight answer which is the only thing I dislike about this flick.
Comment from : Chaplin Co

Ka Boom
Cathy Moriarty: Proof positive that anybody can act, that acting is something a child could do yet this society constantly kisses the asses of actors as if they are Gods. She never acted before in her life before this movie. This shit of "Robert DeNiro is the greatest actor who ever lived" That's like saying "Robert DeNiro is the greatest breather of all time" Anybody can do this shit.
Comment from : Ka Boom

the title made me rotfl!
Comment from : Ketston

Visions of Madness
Hahahahahahahahaha his reaction at 1:17 hahahahahaahahhaha
Comment from : Visions of Madness

You know what I used to call this in our house when I was a kid?  Tuesday night.  This is hilarious and brings back such great memories!
Comment from : jjp009

yallow rosa

Scorsese effectively describes the direct violence,
as well as Kubrick is capable of representing the indirect one

Comment from : yallow rosa

I guess this one quote is still true unfortunately,.."Treat a girl like dirt, and she'll stick to you like mud".
Comment from : McKellar

ѕcore_ ѕнaĸυr on ιnѕтagraм
best smacks ever
Comment from : ѕcore_ ѕнaĸυr on ιnѕтagraм

Its Jr
only thing good about domestic violence. people who commit adultery get taught a lesson and i wish he would of jabbed her head in after he knocked out that fucking whore.
Comment from : Its Jr

You Fucked My Wife
Comment from : Jesse

brandon ross
Comment from : brandon ross

Aah, the family life.
Comment from : tojiroh

domestic violence in an entertaining way.
Comment from : VCthaGOATdunker

Paulie Pastafazoule
check out my raging bull parody movie 
Raging Bull You Never Got Me Down Ray Guido 3D Animation Version 

Comment from : Paulie Pastafazoule

Fuck ur feelings
He was a fuckin psycho.
Comment from : Fuck ur feelings

Lavazza Coffee
Comment from : Lavazza Coffee

@0:57-0:58 RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!!
Comment from : thehoosierfortheUK

my hero!! that is how you deal with slags..
Comment from : nosebuzz007

Adam Skiba
the 1 hit ko at the end hahahahahha
Comment from : Adam Skiba

West Of Charlie
That's why we have the Academy awards...
Comment from : West Of Charlie

cheating girls deserve a nice beat down.
Comment from : TheCall00

its a shame the fight with his brother looked fake you could see he was not punching him when he had him on the floor,
Comment from : steveothehulk

Damn, does Joe Pesci EVER age??
Comment from : lurch321

I can kinda relate to his paranoia..thats the problem with havin a very gorgeous girlfriend or wife .you know most guys are gonna try to fuck with them when your not around..plus she was hangin out with her old boyfriend salvy at the copa cabana .and jake found out about it through other sources..he knew joey wasnt tellin the truth about what happend .plus vickey lied also about the copa affair joey should have just told jake .he didnt fuck his wife..instead of not answerin his simple question ..everybody was to blame for what went down in this scene.not just jake
Comment from : fashizzle78

This is the way men handle their issues. Not by repeatedly asking "Why did you do it??!!" You man the fuck up and handle it.
Comment from : crsseventyone

The Beast
Comment from : The Beast

LaMotta was quite the piece of shit, huh?
Comment from : rdangelo

Rosie Marie
When she says "Get away" i can't help but lmao 
Comment from : Rosie Marie

This wat happen after the scene when Robert got cussed out by him in casino

Comment from : ronniesizdog22

Avery Pack
"I just wanna ask you one thing. Why didya fuck Joey?"  The answer we are all searching for inside ourselves....LOL
Comment from : Avery Pack

Comment from : DIVADIVA8

Adam Thieme
When looking at the still image when clicking this video, I noticed it looks kinda like that horizontal line on the wall in the background of them fighting is a boxing rope. As if Jake LaMotta is in the mindset of still fighting in the ring even tho he's actually fighting his wife/family. You can see the line behind them fighting from 1:00-1:30.  Anyone else think that might've been intentional?
Comment from : Adam Thieme

Borkan x
Hhhhh very funny

Comment from : Borkan x

Shadowframe Productions
Why can't I stop laughing while watching these incredibly violent scenes? Lol
Comment from : Shadowframe Productions

Lol ok cool fair enough I didn't watch the whole movie actually, but yeah generally speaking I think that guys original comment had some truth in it.
Comment from : ShaxAMV

Of course there's no evidence, oh except that she admits it in every way possible in the English language. About a woman cheating on her man, that's directly relating to his comment.
Comment from : ShaxAMV

Who are you to determine what normal should be? Normal people don't get anything accomplished mate, nothing good about being average. And how does it not relate to the scene? I hope no one cheats on you heaven forbid.
Comment from : ShaxAMV

Nellie Sky
Hot headed italian temper !!
Comment from : Nellie Sky

Parfume France
RIP you, you fuckin' cocksucka.
Comment from : Parfume France

Don Rumata
i bet those kids grew up to be well adjusted adults
Comment from : Don Rumata

Mira A.
R.I.P De Niro
Comment from : Mira A.

2:00 Pesci's reaction does not get old lol
Comment from : newyork1222

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