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Penny denoms with lightning link seem kinda silly. In reality this game type does not pay well relative to your bet.
Comment from : cocaineinmyvein

Ha! You called them Dragonballs that's what I'm calling them now. But when the dragon comes out why he bark like a dog?
Comment from : GokuFievel32

Bang Slots
Great video, interesting new Lightning Link game. Where is that at?
Comment from : Bang Slots

neville richard johnson
great result.
Comment from : neville richard johnson

James Sims
If I'm betting more than the 59 cent minimum, I always play the higher denomination for the main reason that the minor and mini jackpots increase. They still it regularly on less-than-minimum bets.

Always enjoy your vids!

Comment from : James Sims

Charlotte Maniscalco
great hit
Comment from : Charlotte Maniscalco

CT Slotters Slot Machine Videos
Love those green balls! They're so pretty! Great sessions, glad you did well on blackjack to put in that second hundy! 😀
Comment from : CT Slotters Slot Machine Videos

SC Slots
That was an incredible session! Loving these new LL machines with the expanding wilds! Cant wait to play them. Thanks for the awesome video Albert!
Comment from : SC Slots

AnDre Roshan
CASINO t-shirt My Lucky day is today - slot machine t-shirt Rial... www.amazon.com/dp/B07THG7HFJ/ref=cm_sw_r_sms_awdb_t1_l7AeDbQDDXYV3
Comment from : AnDre Roshan

Comment from : SHAWANA LEE

Miss Liz- The One & Only
Rough start but nice session. Aristocrat running out of ideas as far as almost similar symbols lol. I do like the green balls. Red is my favorite but green is pretty. The tiger almost looks the same and the first almost looks like LL and DL combined. Still nice nudging wilds during bonus. 😊👍🍀💙
Comment from : Miss Liz- The One & Only

Susan Banyai
WOWZA! That's amazing! I played the last 3 days (a few hours, not ALL weekend! LOL) and there are not enough Lightning Links and Dragon Links to go around - they are always packed. We don't have any of the cool new ones either. So, if you get one - and it's not performing, you're stuck if you wanna play it.
Great job on these machines - they look like a lot of fun!

Comment from : Susan Banyai

Cari Lynn
Can't wait til my local gets these!!
Comment from : Cari Lynn

Casino Countess
I’m super excited to play the new link versions!!
Comment from : Casino Countess

Lars Barno
you had me confused all to heck.... you kept switching the line bet... but it kept saying $2.50 25c 10c 5c. ah well... it all seemed to work. AL..
Comment from : Lars Barno

After the first stingy machine those others treated you quite well!!! TYFS
Comment from : AngelaTwinSlots

Susie Smith
Great profit Albert & never tired of slots of any Kind.
Comment from : Susie Smith

Debby S
Fun new games. Luvin' those expanding wilds 4 your super wins. Congrats...great profit. Enjoyed!
Comment from : Debby S

Awoopa_ Paul
That was Unimaginable 🍭
Comment from : Awoopa_ Paul

Dylan Walker
Waiting for those balls to descend.
Comment from : Dylan Walker

SunFlower Slots
Good bonuses run on Dragon's Riches & Eyes of Fortunes. Will look out for these slot. Thanks for sharing Albert. Continue best of luck on Sunday my friend 🤑😀👌
Comment from : SunFlower Slots

Qtan Court
Albert: Just promise me. if YOU win the Grand Jackpot on a Lightning Link game that you will also let out a HUGE scream, like the lady you mentioned. And get selfie video of you screaming :D!!!! And love that ball smacking line :D
Comment from : Qtan Court

ElvisCorvette Slots
I do like the expanding dragon and flipping Tiger in the bonuses. Nice added touch. Pretty cool games. Where did you play the games? A big thumbs up and continue good luck my friend.
Comment from : ElvisCorvette Slots

Erin B.
I actually like the expanding wilds. It has real potential Albert!! The dragon was just toying with you that night lol. But I think I can enjoy both of these. Glad you had luck prior playing these so you could show us both. Thank you my friend.
Comment from : Erin B.

If only 😂Nice win Albert!!
Comment from : Jadey88

Anthony Brown
Now buffet dinner I need to know that haha nice win.
Comment from : Anthony Brown

Cousin It
Comment from : Cousin It

Jim Ellison
Comment from : Jim Ellison

Love me some Dragons Albert!! ")... Super Nice Wins!! Congrats! Heading to The Vegas Next week hope to see these new slots there!!!!!Thanks for Sharing!!!
Comment from : KenoBabe777

Heather Lee
Fantastic video Albert, thanks!
Comment from : Heather Lee

Albert, Great Play on these new Games !! Green Balls and All $$
Comment from : wlwal1

Chris Halstead
What an awesome win👌😊 Especially, winning on lighting link machines back to back. It was great to see the new versions. Thank you for the video. Stay lucky 🍀 and have a great weekend 🥂
Comment from : Chris Halstead

Michelle lilljack
Nice run!
Comment from : Michelle lilljack

Scott Shields
The thumbs down on this video was clearly just an effort to disrupt that natural order of the space time continuum.
..or just a hater

One of the two 😂✌️
And your not the only one who wants to see those balls drop 😂😂 it’s a common saying when playing link games

Comment from : Scott Shields

Ann B. Slot Videos
Great session; I never get tired of LL. I loved seeing these new games! Thanks, for sharing Albert👍🍀🤑
Comment from : Ann B. Slot Videos

Yay..will be looking to try these
Comment from : onejazzimom

Liliana Alvarez
fantastic win congrats
Comment from : Liliana Alvarez

James Arey Slots
Thanks for this post! Nice to see the dragons expand during the bonus.
Boy, the Bengal Tiger sure is from Bengal Treasures, and the lanterns are from Happy Lantern!
Glad you won with emeralds and dragons!

Comment from : James Arey Slots

Charles Strine
love the happy dancing dragon Beth
Comment from : Charles Strine

slots souix
I played both of these slots today at my local. You did ALOT better than I did lol. Congratulations!
Comment from : slots souix

Wish my casino would get some new lightning links in. I only play those and lock it link.
Comment from : Denise

Joe Evolution
This game looks like dragon link and lighting link together it looks kinda hard
Comment from : Joe Evolution

AA Slots
I think the dragon Riches is a good game with potential, and will play it for sure. Great run and bonus wins. Continued luck and wish you a fantastic weekend!
Comment from : AA Slots

Legend Of Pablo
Congrats! Glad your uh...balls dropped the second time!
Comment from : Legend Of Pablo

Sylvia Trevino
Great session Albert!🤓😃👍
Comment from : Sylvia Trevino

Fantastic run on both🕺, I really like the expanding wilds during the bonuses, can't wait to see these in my locals, thanks for sharing 🥰 have a spectacular weekend 🍀 🌠
Comment from : SlowPokeSlots

Tim Snead
Great video once again Albert! That Eyes of Fortune machine was on fire!! Love it when those balls drop!! :) Congrats on your terrific wins my friend!!
Comment from : Tim Snead

Cassanova Slots
I wish you could have gotten the feature on Eyes of Fortune but what a great win! Those ball features are some of my favorite bonuses! Thank you Albert for showing us these awesome new games!
Comment from : Cassanova Slots

Comment from : RICHARD FASANO

Tom Dick
I cheered out loud when you got the first lightning link !
Comment from : Tom Dick

the end is near! (keep smackin those balls.) LOL i love how confusing it gets when you see a familiar symbol but it means something different--both of those are just expanding wilds in the bonus (like lock it link Loteria La Sirena). the Eyes had it, congrats!
Comment from : JohnColtrane2000

Catherine Linder
Very nice wins Albert. Congrats!
Comment from : Catherine Linder

Maryland Live or MGM
Comment from : 91RedskinsFan

slot machine luv
Nice session. I'm not tire with lightning link yet Elbert lol . nice hit on that tiger version
Comment from : slot machine luv

I love anything with dragons on the machine! I have to find this. Because it's so cool! Fantastic wins Albert 👏🎉! I hope I get lucky at the casino this weekend! But I think lighting machines are hard, no?
Comment from : Absolhunter251

geoffrey cylwik
Nice ending total. Thanks for the vid!
Comment from : geoffrey cylwik

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